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We found 7 job offers Oil/Gas Engineering Jobs in Myanmar

Filling Plant Operator
Company: Yangon Industrial Gas Co., Ltd

1Position SummaryThis position is responsible for transfill plantequipment and cylinder maintenance, filling gas cylinders, performing prefill inspection and other duties as necessary to be aligned with company standard in term of safety, qualityand accuracy focusing on pure and mixed gases.2Dimensions Refer to Annual Performance Appraisal, KPIs3WorkingOrganization Relationships Refer to Company Organization Chart4Principal Accountabilities1. Operate transfilling plant or use equipment to fill cylinders and other containers with liquefied or compressed gases as well as changes cylinder valves or adjusts them to prescribed tension. 2. Rolls cylinders onto platform scale, or positions cylinders in manifold racks manually or with chain hoist. 3. Connects lines from manifold to cylinders safely. 4. Fills cylinders by any of following methods: Sets pressure gauge to specified reading and listens for buzzer indicating completion of filling. 5. Adjusts valves and observes gauge to fill cylinders to specified pressure. 6. Observes scale indicator to fill cylinders to specified weight. 7. Fills cylinder to excess, rolls cylinder onto scale, and connects exhaust line to release excess gas and attain prescribed gross weight. 8. Sprays or brushes chemical solution onto cylinder valve to test for leaks. 9. Fills out and attaches warning and identification tags or decals, specifying tare and gross weight, cylinder number, type of gas, and date filled, and records data. 10. Test gas for purity by using testing equipment and inspect or test empty cylinder accurately. 11. Evacuate residual gases from cylinders. 12. Test filled cylinders for specified gas pressure by connecting gauge and comparing reading with chart. 13. Check and inspect generator or compressor in filling process correctly and safely. 14. Designated according to type of container filled as rack filling,9 kg., PLC Filler.15. Perform other assigned duties like cylinder cleaning, cylinders preparation for shipping, general laboratory housekeeping duties. 16. Prepare and send the up to date cylinder filling report by daily. 17. Check and inspect filling plant and warehouse to meet standard requirements such as safety, reliability, etc. 18. Manage cylinders filling schedules as a daytoday basis to meet the reliability, cost, and inventory level. 19. To support any other assignments as requested.Reports to: Senior liquid and bulk engineerDepartment: Filling plant operation

Job posted: 19.6.2021

Rice Bran Oil Supervisor
Company: Golden Petals

Arrange workshop work,complete production tasks,and evaluate and report all economic indicators of the workshop on time.Responsible for the overall management of the workshop.Spare part counting and purchasingImprove and perfect process technology and equipment operation to reduce production costs.Communicate and coordinate with other departments.Plant safety training and inspection,ensure the safety facilitys effectiveness.Responsible for fire safety work in the workshop to ensure that the facilitys effectiveness.Responsible for fire sfety work in the workshop to ensure that the fire protection facilities are in place and in good condition.Supervise and coordinate the production loss and yield.Compile the operation SOP and provide the trainingResponsible for the statistics of various data in this workshop,the procurement plan and management of spare parts and raw materials.Analyze and deal with the current situation and problems,and take effective measures to improve production efficiency.Strictly abide by the companys various management systems.Complete other tasks assigned by the leader.

Job posted: 6.7.2020

Energy Manager
Company: Ho Brothers Holdings Ltd.

Improvement, collaborate and implement strategies and policies to reduce fuel consumption.Encourage the use of renewable and sustainable fuel resources within an organization orcommunity and raise the profile of fuel conservation.Create policies and systems for buying fuel and helping with contract negotiations.Provide technical and practical advice and offer training on fuel efficiency.Keep accurate records and regularly collect fuel monitoring data.Carry out site inspections and fuel surveys.Benchmark fuel consumptions against best practice guidelines.Setting targets for fuel reduction.Prepare reports summarizing fuel usage.Keep up to date with changes in fuel regulation.Report good news stories for external and internal communications.Analyze equipment performance with respect to fuel efficiency.Ensure proper functioning and calibration of instrumentation required to assess levelof fuel consumption directly or indirectly.Establish a methodology how to accurately calculate the specific fuel consumption ofvarious productsservices or activity of the firm.Create knowledge bank on sect oral, national and international development on fuelefficiency technology and management system and information denominationDevelop integrated system of fuel efficiency and environmental upgradation.Coordinate implementation of fuel auditefficiency improvement projects through externalagencies.Establish andor participate in information exchange with other fuel project lead of thesame sector through association.Preparing Monthly Business Report, Monthly Project Report, Head Count Review Report andKPI access for all Energy team members.Estimate Require Monthly Fuel Consumption, Additional transportation for fuel filling,Vehicle, No: of Team and Daily Team Allowance.Taking Work Completion Note Sign off from respective customers by month wise.Managing the cost control for additional transportation in Fuel filling.Making Diesel filling plan as per internal and external requirement.Troubleshooting in Emergency Refueling plan fuel theft, water mix, high DGRH, etc.Given Report to customer for High fuel consumption issue in each fuel filling such asFuel theft, fuel flash out, fencing status, DG door status, etc.Check and Review the all site refueling photos with customers.Arranging fuel to In House fuel team from ASP through sourcing and finance department.

Job posted: 2.7.2020

Fuel coordinator
Company: Ho Brothers Holdings Ltd.

Sending Active field Resource Daily attendance report to ES Department.Chasing Team Movement with ground team for Daily Refueling plan.Daily run the Debit voucher of company internal process to support Ground Team withAdvance money for additional transportation and daily team allowance.Preparing Ericsson Refueling Stock Balance Master by daily basis and send that tracker toFinance Department by daily basis.Monthly Reconcile the overall Stock by month wise.Arranging Fuel and Service charges of subcontractor for Refueling as per Daily Fuelfilling plan.Arranging the advance money for E FSO emergency fuel top up by internal process.Solving the problem between internal and external participants Arranging Daily expense of Fuel payment and service charges for subcontractor and submit that voucher to FinanceDepartment.Record with tracker for Daily Advance and Daily Expense to track with FinanceDepartment.Improve Refueling activities by analyzing the potential and existing outsources

Job posted: 2.7.2020

Refueling Team Helper
Company: Ho Brothers Holdings Ltd.

Taking responsible fuel barrel rolling, carry cans, etc.Checking the PPE, materials status and need to report that status to fuel coordinator on every week.Assisting the fuel team leader in every refueling.Check the fuel quality on every purchasing from service provider on time only such as water mix, dust, etc.Arranging the manual labors more than 100 Meter.Calculating on site balance fuel on every refueling.Filling the exact quantity of fuel as per fuel team leader instruction.Controlling the Fuel loss such as fuel leakage, fuel dropping, fuel theft cases due to additional transporter.Sending refueling photo on viber group.Sending every information of additional transportation in each refueling.

Job posted: 1.7.2020

Refueling Team Leader
Company: Ho Brothers Holdings Ltd.

Taking responsible of accurate fuel filling qty for each filling.Controlling the team movement in every refueling.Arranging addition transportation for critical site access such as boat, bike, bullockcart, three wheel, labor, etc.Consistently demonstrate safe loading and unloading of fuels while purchasing.Responsible of all refueling and on site taken photos of each refueling.Responsible of all PPE and company provided tools.Need to take approval of fuel consumption on site only.Need to report any abnormal case on site in every refueling.Solely responsible for fuel in hand stock available with him.Managing the company internal process of Advance money and need to settle the usage of advance money.Need to take approval with fuel coordinator in every additional use oftransportation money in each refueling.Need to take WCN sign off from relative customer from fuel consumption high site

Job posted: 1.7.2020

Senior Coordinator / Assistant Manager- Fuel Filling
Company: iGenesis Technologies Limited

Beat Planning and EPC bill payment planning in cooriniation with Project ManagerCustomer interface for any critical emergency filling requirementReconciliation of Fuel filling and EPC bill PaymentsTask assignment to each field team in coordination with QTASK coordinator Quality Checks audit report analysisFilling Vs Consumption based on CPHChange in beat plan as per CPH readingsGetting Inputs from various feeds to check that exact amount of fuel is filledRecognizing new opportunities and optimizing the processesEPC master data , Maintaining the EPC bills Meter reading, EPC Amount , Due date of payment , Paid Amount, Payment dateRegular contact with customers regarding gas service issues and concerns in order to maintain appropriate customer service levelsMIS to Customer

Job posted: 23.4.2020

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