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We found 29 job offers Security & Safety jobs in Myanmar

Safety officer (Bago Factory) (Code-37762)
Company: Dagon Glory Co., Ltd.

The recruitment company is animal feed product Manufacturing and Distribution Company in Bago Township.Job Description: Assessment and approval of subcontractor safety plans by coordination with Operation Manager Technical Supervisor Verification of tools and equipment to ensure good quality and support to have safety working method Coordinates all issues regarding hazardous materials or waste Creating and enforcing safety guidelines and programs Establish and maintain health and safety communication structure Carrying out drills and exercises on managing emergency situations Conducting investigations on accidents Manages al communications with government departments in regards of safety Continuous monitoring of all safety related documents Reports and issues to keep them

Job posted: 25.9.2023

Security (Code-37914)
Company: Dagon Glory Co., Ltd.

Medical Beauty Center

Job posted: 25.9.2023

Security(Kone Myint Thar Restaurant)
Company: Phyo Pyae Sone Myanmar Co.,Ltd

Kone Myint Thar Restaurant

Job posted: 24.9.2023

Safety Supervisor
Company: EPCM Myanmar Co., Ltd.

To develop, implement and monitor Board Occupational Health and Safety Policy, Programs and Procedures.Identification of potential Hazardous area for critical inspection.Job Safety Induction Tool Box meeting.Specific and right PPE related to the job.Accident incident investigation report.Able to analysis Risk and prepare RA for related works.Issue work permit and check work area before start of the work.Checking of Lifting Tools Tackles Machines.Checking Scaffolding PTW red tag green tagSafe work procedures Job safety analysis.Checking unsafe acts and unsafe conditions.Coordination safety meeting.Earthing grounding and other safety devices.Daily safety site inspection and giving solution.

Job posted: 24.9.2023

Company: Myanmar First Asia Group

Good communication interpersonal skills.

Job posted: 24.9.2023

HSE Supervisor
Company: A1 Group of Companies

Onsite QHSE Inspection.Office paper work, Document Control.Attending customer meeting.Training awareness to staffskills.Good at communication skills.

Job posted: 21.6.2021

Information Security Engineer
Company: Telecom International Myanmar Co., Ltd

Participate in building information security policies for systems, applications, network and end user computers.Implementing policies, regulations and guidelines of information security for systems, applications, network, processes and end user computers.Checking and monitoring the implementation of information security policies. Report irregularities and suggest solutions to fixPlanning to review and detect information security vulnerabilities on systems, applications, network, processes and end user computers. Suggest solutions to fixImplementing the operations of emergency recovery of information security on systems, applications, network, processes and end user computers.Operation of information security systems and applications as AD, Proxy, AntiVirus, NetAD, OneAgent.Managing accounts create, modify, revoke, remove on all of systems, applications, devicesResearch and development of new solutions to enhance information security on systems, applications, network, processes and end user computers

Job posted: 1.1.2021

Safety Officer
Company: National Steel & Construction Co., Ltd.

Good communication and interpersonal skills.

Job posted: 14.11.2020

Safety Supervisor
Company: National Steel & Construction Co., Ltd.

Good Communication Skills

Job posted: 14.11.2020

Corporate Safety & Security Manager

Traveling to various locations to audit and assess the processesCreating Standard Operating Procedures for Hotel Operations, Risk Assessment, Emergency Procedures, Policies, Security SystemEnsure safety and security procedures are compliance with state and national standards of fire, life, safetyManage Safety equipments and their useTraining Hotel associates

Job posted: 7.10.2020

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